We noticed that we tend to gravitate north when looking for new hiking trails to try. This time, we made a conscious effort to explore a bit of south. We wanted to do a rainforest walk and chanced upon Minnamurra when searching over the web. It’s close to Kiama (about 20 minutes away) which is a bonus as we’ve never been to the famous blowhole. We decided to visit it as a side trip after the walk.

We arrived early and made our way towards Lyrebird cafe to grab breakfast. The staff were nice, and we were greeted with warm smiles. It didn’t take us long to decide. We saw scones on the menu and immediately placed our order. We needed sugar to get as much energy for the trek (lame excuse).  After wolfing down the last morsel of our food, we began to explore The Falls Walk.

An impressive, lush landscape welcomed us. Towering trees form a cool shade above the well-maintained trails. We could hear the soft rustling of leaves and faint chirping of birds. We briefly stopped amidst an elevated walkway that almost look like a hanging bridge. Underneath is a stream with large boulders and the sight is captivating. We took some time to drink in the tranquility of our surroundings. I’m glad for the break because I found the next sections are quite steep and it gave our legs a good workout. Still huffing and puffing, we arrived at the last stop. We stood at the viewing platform admiring the creek below where water was steadily cascading. Unfortunately, the other side with a better view of the waterfall was closed due to maintenance. We did catch a glimpse of it and albeit distant, still thought it’s beautiful.


It was a nice 4km return walk that had decent inclines to get the heart rate up. I can tell that this experience will be the start of our many more southern trips in the future. Part of Budderoo National Park, you can find this hiking trail here:

See you until next blog!

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